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"Communication tools that really boost productivity"

Benemen provides all your communication services from one cloud based platform so no need to worry about searching different platforms for information on your communications.
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Tracking Sales


Increase your sales performance using Benemen's real-time communication reports

Business Intelligence and Big Data are often in the news today. Effective use of your communications data to improve your Business Intelligence gives you a competitive edge. It means better decision making and improved customer relationships. A simple example is knowing which customers your employees spend most of their time with.

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Excellent Service


Provide better service with integrated communications

"Serving customers belongs to every employee in the company"

Gain real-time insight on important customer calls, know which customer calls were handled well, and calls that were missed so you can take decisions to improve customer care.

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Save time and money


Benemen Integrated Communications bring you tremendous savings

Having your communications delivered as a service brings cost savings in different ways.

PBX replacement means no need for on premise equipment with maintenance contracts and multiple telephone lines.

For companies working in international environments telecommunications are often expensive. With Benemen you have no need for separate telecom infrastructure in different locations and international costs are reduced.

Avoid roaming charges by answering mobile phone calls abroad using Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business. Make international mobile calls at fixed line prices, or join conference calls using Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business or local dial-in numbers.

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