BeneCloud enables Cityterveys to deliver first-class customer service to patients and health care professionals in the service chain

Cityterveys is a Finnish healthcare service company providing laboratory and MRI services. Medical diagnostics and bringing it available for all those in need is the core of the Cityterveys’ service offering.

Cityterveys began its operation in Tampere, Finland in August 2014. Currently Cityterveys is operating nationwide. In the near future the fast growing company aims to set up various new sites around Finland.

Behind the significant growth speed is a well-designed business model: The Company’s goal is to harvest away everything that is irrelevant and doesn’t add any value for patients and the health care professionals in the service chain. All expenses saved are brought back as a direct benefit to the customer. This way it’s possible to generate modern and high quality medical diagnostics with the achieved price level. For the public sector and for consumers, Cityterveys is an inexpensive but high quality service provider option.

Cityterveys began its cooperation with Benemen during the spring of 2015. Background for the cooperation was the need for a flexible and high-quality communications solution to fit the needs of a fast growing company.

Their previous solution couldn’t live up to the challenges that the growing amount of calls were causing. Besides that Cityterveys needed an up to date reporting solution to be able to manage, develop and guide the operations.

Reliable tools are the lifeline for Cityterveys and the high quality of the service experience needs to cover every touch point of the customer journey.

 “Benemen’s communication solution supports our quality target and enables first-class customer service operations”, says COO of Cityterveys Tuula Korkea-Aho. “Also, flexibility and a desire to implement a tailored communications solution just for us played a noteworthy role in our choice”, she continues.

The essence of the solution provided by Benemen is that it truly enables an easy-to-manage, unified communications solution and leverages the communication experience of customers. The solution performs independently of time and place, basically everywhere. Unlike the solution of other providers, BeneCloud includes a truly unified and tailored communications reporting solution which added real value to Cityterveys.

The solution consists of following services:

Intelligent call routing and centralized availability management

Switchboard and customer service environment

Microsoft Skype for Business including calls to public telephone network, VoIP-and video calls/conferences, instant messaging and group chats

Unified reporting service of the communications events


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